The End of Yellow Pages Near

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The End of Yellow Pages Near

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Bill Gates Predicts Yellow Pages Are Fading Out

So right away let me say that it would be foolish to pull out of the Yellow Pages just yet, especially if you get the majority of your business from it. What I will say is that Bill Gates is right, and if we stop and think about it, you can see that he is right. How many times a day do you look up something on the Web and then compare that to what you look up in the Yellow Pages? Now, most of the time you look something up on the Web you do not contact them and when you look it up in the Yellow Pages, you usually make a call. This is true for now, but let me assure you that will change.

Just as sure as many long-standing print publications are filing for bankruptcy protection at a growing pace or limiting their print circulation at an ever increasing rate opting for the cheaper and ever effluent digital distribution, the Yellow Pages will go the way of the dinosaur. The only question left to ask is will your business be ready when it happens?

The end could come in a blinding flash of light or a slow creeping decay. Either way, you need to be ready, and that means you need a Web site now, not later. Why now? Well, the Internet, like print, is growing and evolving every day in its search for what works and what does not. And just like it must get applications out into people’s homes, you must get on the Web and begin to find what works for your business in this new growing media pool.

Still not convinced you need that Web site now? Well, let me let you in on a technology coming down the Web “pike” I know about that you may not. Just one powerful example of this coming technology, and I know you will see that what Bill has said is true, and that technology is GPS Marketing.

Yes, that’s right, GPS Marketing. It works just like it sounds, using GPS cellphone technology to market to people based on their geographical location. That iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android Phone or whatever gets developed next will become the way people find the people and businesses they need.

Imagine you are out on the town and you drive by a popular restaurant that you had been searching their Web site and signed up for their “Instant Notification Waiting List”, (this is a fictional example for this piece but very doable), and you wonder if they have any tables open. You think to yourself “no way, they never have openings” and just then your phone receives an IM to tell you they have an opening right now.

How about this, you have been searching for a pair of shoes of a certain brand earlier at home from your Google account. You are leaving that restaurant after the best meal ever and you receive an IM and it is your Google account telling you that you are less than a mile from a store that has the shoes you wanted and that they are on sale for half price.

There are so many examples I could give you on this technology that Google is about to launch on the Android Phone platform and Microsoft is struggling to catch up, heard of “Bing” yet? But this is the best example I have found on the Web. It is a link to the T-Mobile G1, and it is a great example of what will surely spell the end of the Yellow Pages:

Any way you look at it print directories will become only a small part of the business market in the days to come, and to wait until the last minute to get involved could spell disaster for your business. You need a Web site today and a marketing plan to go with it, because you may not get instant results. It may take some experimentation to find what works for your business. The change to GPS Marketing could come overnight, leaving you struggling to catch up when it does. So that small investment today could seem like a $10 lottery ticket that paid out millions.


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